Extension to the Village Hall


The Village Hall Extension Project

The Village Hall Trustees have submitted an application for a grant that will enable a new meeting room to be put on the rear of the Hall, overlooking the Green with separate access to catering and toilet facilities. The project will also greatly improve the accessibility of the Hall for disabled people. The opportunity will also be taken to update and improve the Hall's heating system. The costs involved are likely to require the Hall to expend a material proportion of its cash reserves. We will learn from the grant provider whether we have been successful in October.


We have applied for, and received, planning permission based on the plans which are shown below.


The new room will have its own internal access which will be created by continuing the current corridor that goes into the Gents toilets out through the rear wall where a small lobby will connect with the new room.


Double sound proof doors will allow the new room to be used separately or in conjunction with the main hall.


The Gents and Ladies toilets will be slightly smaller but there will be a new disabled toilet compliant with current regulations.

The links shown below are copies of the documents that supported the grant application.