Coronavirus - Information, Help & Supplies


Coronavirus - Community Self Help



If you are “self isolating” at the present time and are having difficulties please let us know by calling one of the numbers below or by sending an email to

The numbers are:

David Jones                          01588 660493

Rob Loynes                          01588 660889

Rose & Paul Sweetland      01588 660139

David Trenchard                 01588 660245

Because many of our residents fall into the vulnerable age category we cannot be sure that we will have the resources to help but we will do our best with items like collection of prescriptions and delivery of essential groceries.  There may be other reasons for people to call - perhaps just for reassurance or advice.


Rose Sweetland is a registered Councellor who is offering mental/emotional support to anyone who is in need at this difficult time. You can contact her on 01588 660139.


We also need to hear from those under the age of 55, and in sound health, who can offer to help.  We know that many of you will be working and will have other commitments and family concerns but one food delivery a fortnight could make a big difference. 


There are unscrupulous people who will try to take advantage of this crisis.  Do not give money for shopping to anyone you do not know;  do not buy hard to obtain items from websites you do not recognise; be very suspicious of people claiming to be healthcare workers who call univited; be wary of rogue traders trying to trip the unwary into agreeing to pay for unwanted "improvements", and watch out for "neighbours" you have never met or seen before offering help.   If in doubt say "No".

If you think you may be infected do NOT go to the doctors or to the pharmacy or to the local hospital.  Dial 111 and the staff who answer will ask you a few questions to try to determine your status. 

There is a wealth of further guidance and information available from the links at the bottom of this page.


The May edition of the magazine is not being distributed door to door but is in a box in the porch of the Village Hall.  There are no names on them.  Please take the top copy.


We understand from the surgery in Craven Arms that all those over 70 with repeat prescriptions will automatically get a 2 month supply.  If you need help with collection please get in touch - numbers above.


We will try to keep the information in this section updated regularly.  If there is something worthwhile adding about local conditions please send an e mail to

Local Shop

The Community Shop in Aston remains open.  Hours are now 9.00 to 1.00 weekdays and Saturdays and 9.00 to 12.00 on Sundays.  Please be patient if there is a queue - all the staff are volunteers!

Vegetables and Fruit

Phil and Nicky Moore at Hopesay Glebe Farm are continuing to offer a weekly deliver of organic vegetables.  Contact them on 01588 660737 or email  Their website is at


Amanda Simpson-Atkins if offering to deliver bread on Thursdays or Saturdays.  This is artisan bread baked in Hopesay.  A copy of Amanda's March 31st product list can be found here.  Note also the following from Amanda:

"Some of the items such as the slow yeasted breads are made some weeks but not every week, but we can always put a desired dough in the book to be made the following week.   Vegan pasties vary week to week, so please ask what is being made this week.  Cakes also tend to vary week to week, so please ask to find out the cakes being made this week.


Ordering deadlines

Please get your order to us by Wednesday for delivery in other localities on Saturday



We encourage bank transfer (BACS) to be safe but will accept cheques or cash in an envelope. 


Delivery charge & details

We are not adding any charges to our usual market prices for delivery at present. If this needs to change we will let you know.   We can agree a convenient time and place to meet you safely, or we can deliver to your home and leave your order in a safe place."

For more information contact Amanda preferably by e mail at or by text message to 0775 993 9526 or by phone on 01588 660296.

Also,  Shola Hingston who lives in Aston and is a professional baker has offered to bake bread and/or bread products for those who live in the Parish are isolating and in need for as long as lockdown continues and supplies are available.  No payment is expected.  Shola just needs to know what people want (within reason!!) and when.  This offer is limited to those in the Parish where current circumstances removes their normal sources of income, or those who are absolutely isolated with no recourse to relatives, friends or neighbours or any grouped delivery.  If you know of anyone in that position please let them know.  Her phone number is 07723 352926 or 01588 660877.   This is a very generous offer from someone who has only recently arrived in the Parish.  Please try to identify those to whom it would apply


D.W. Wall in Craven Arms and Houghs in Church Stretton are making deliveries to this area.  The phone number for Walls is 01588 672308 and the phone number for Houghs is 01694 722386.


For Walls the orders have to be phoned in – not by email.  If a product is unavailable they will tell you at the time.  Houghs have an answer machine which is monitored on a regular basis – leave a message if you cannot get through. 


There is no minimum order for Walls.  They deliver to this area on Wednesdays and Fridays.  Once the order is processed they will call you back to take payment over the phone.


Houghs also have no minimum order and they are in the area on most days.  Payment by card over the phone.

Orders have to be put in at a minimum the day before delivery.


The Organising Group have set up a weekly delivery to the Village Hall at Aston on Clun. This is on a Friday at 10.00 a.m..  Almost 40 households are on the scheme. If you are interested send an email to and you will be sent a more detailed explanation of how the arrangement works.  Regrettably the scheme will come to an end with the last delivery taking place on July 17th.  Please call one of the numbers above if this leaves you short of the support you need.

Getting deliveries from the major supermarkets has substantially improved. Tesco are limiting shoppers to 85 items per online order as well as limits on individual items.   Sainsbury's have said they are prioritising older shoppers.  If they do not recognise you as such you can call 0800 328 1700 to give them your details.

There can be long queues outside Tesco and Aldi in Ludlow as the number of people who can go in are being limited.  There is anecdotal evidence that the main Tescos outside Shrewsbury is faring better.

The Boots online shop is still open for business (as of March 27th).  There is a queueing system and waits of an hour have been reported.  A lot of items are "out of stock" but a lot of product lines remain and its a way of otherwise reducing the time you need to spend looking for items in the supermarket.

Other Suppliers

Ludlow Farm Shop has an online ordering and delivery service.  There is a small selection from their range.  At the moment supplies of sausage and bacon from their butchery are out of stock.  The website is at  and you can call them on 01584 856000.

For those interested in more liquid refreshment both Majestic and Tanners Wines have re-opened their websites but demand remains high.  Tanners in Shrewsbury will take phone orders - call 01743 234459 - also Majestic in Ludlow  - call 01584 873337 or email


The following sites have more information about coronavirus and the latest guidance:    This site provides advice on when you should self isolate and for how long.  This site provides advice for people at high risk.  This site is the Coronavirus "home page" on the NHS website.  This is the home page for the Government's advice, guidance and regulation.  The full announcement made by the Prime Minister on Monday is a link on that page.  There is a broad range of information on the Shropshire Council website - particularly in this link:

There is a lot of spurious advice circulating about coronavirus and ways to protect yourself.  This website deals with some of the rumours.