A modern, well equipped, hall offering a large capacity in a beautiful location.

The Hall is located in a an area of stunning countryside - part of the Welsh Marches and A.E. Housman's "Blue Remembered Hills"  The Hall has an unrivalled outlook over the Village Green toward the River Clun, surrounded by the beautiful Shropshire Hills.

Thursday, October 6th at 7.00 p.m.

Jack Absolute Flies Again

by Richard Bean and Oliver Chris (based on Richard Brinsley Sheridan’s The Rivals)

Saturday, October 22nd at 7.30 p.m.

Mincemeat (12)

The story of the true-life scheme cooked up by British Intelligence in WWII to deceive the Nazis into thinking the Allies were planning to attack occupied Europe by way of Greece or Sardinia, rather than their actual target, Sicily. Stars: Colin Firth, Matthew Macfadyn & Kelly Macdonald.

The Hall can take 150 people seated audience style and has a large well equipped kitchen and an upstairs meeting room

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Aston on Clun Village Hall is a registered charity (702020)