The Queen's Platinum Jubilee in Hopesay Parish

In the two weeks prior to the Platinum Jubilee weekend the Queen made a number of visits in our area

Waved flags at the Arbor Day

Was met by her hosts!

Arrived at Broome Station

Played croquet on the Green

Chatted to waiting passengers

And watched National Theatre at the Village Hall

On the evening of June 2nd the parish residents gathered for a party on the Green and the new Parish Orchard was blessed.  There was singing by the Rock Springs Choir and music by a local band - the Gruntfuttocks!  And then we all watched as the beacon on the hill behind was lit by a flaming arrow!

And then on June 5th the parish gathered again for the Platinum Jubilee Lunch in the Village Hall and in marquees outside on the Green.  A hog roast was provided out of Hall funds supported by the Shop and the Parish Council.  And a marvellous array of desserts was provided by a generous local resident.

The Prosecco team!

Just a few of those wonderful desserts!!